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A good mechanic can be hard to come by, but you can trust us for your auto repair needs. Call today to schedule an appointment at 604-962-9602!

Mechanic experts

Many big auto companies simply can't match the price and personalized service of an independent car shop. We offer unparalled service at prices you won't find anywhere else in the area and if you need an estimate prior to working with us, we'll be more than happy to provide one for you. 
Denis the Owner of Whistler Automotive

Area of service

Our roots are in Whistler, and we've made this area our home base for the past seven years. However, we're open to helping folks in nearby communities. Locals always come first, but we provide service to anyone in need of a reliable mechanic. 

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You're just a call away from scheduling an appointment with a mechanic. When you visit our shop, we can discuss your car symptoms and perform a diagnostics test to identify the source of your car troubles. Call today to learn more!
Call today to schedule an appointment! 604-966-7210
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